At 1000 new follows, ill do a doodle giveaway.
Check the doodle giveaway details link for more info <3
And vote, favorite and comment on my art so more people can see it ty <3
Commission and contact info is also on my website link <3


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AbiyBattleSpell's News

Posted by AbiyBattleSpell - 1 month ago

Ng isnt working with ipad, ill fix later but have dis doodle of inoue lookin over her boobs <3


Posted by AbiyBattleSpell - 1 month ago

Ok few good thing i put 2ish weeeks in the last post, https://abiybattlespell.newgrounds.com/news/post/1269340

didnt anticipate living by myself b so ruff. Still settling in and its tiring. Anyways any ngs followers want the giveaway art frm the last news i posted. Def more then enuff time fr u guys to notice that post but just double checking since got no dms<3 if not whatever but i really did wanna show my appreciation <3

only for ng followers only btw but dm me here or twitter whichever u want. Just show proof if u dm on twitter <3

if i hear nothing by 30 ill just make adjusments to the giveaway as planned fr future ones if anyone shows interest <3

Posted by AbiyBattleSpell - May 4th, 2022

I usually post my updates to twitter but tldr I’m out of my abusive home. As appreciation to the new grounds side for those that followed me here ima do the 1000 give away now <3. will select a winner in 2ish weeks to consider for people noticing I’m posting again since I’m sure some forgotten bout my account with the constant no posting sessions. and round 1-2 weeks ull get reward. Prob a few days for reward but saying up to 2 weeks in case my body gives out on me or something happens in regards to my health just in case. Don’t kno much bout ng so it will b handled here if there is direct message options. If it has none will b done through twitter. Should b linked on my ng profile. Must be follower to be eligible and thanks guys <3

after that I’ll see if I tweak the giveaway since doing one every 500 followers might b feasible now that I ain’t in that old abusive apt. Honestly kinda shocked how much free time I got when I’m in a actual safe space, hence why I might tweak it after this appreciation expedited giveaway <3